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Why is it that plans for development and performance are carried out in just a few weeks or days prior to the time for review? Based on our experience, some employees (the manager as well as the manager) begin to think about their development plans as they get to the meeting. There is no time to plan or think about the next year.


There are times when you'll have an easy plan for addressing all your weaknesses if you just leave it to your manager. If you take the time to think about the issue before the meeting, you could either raise the issue in the days or even weeks prior to the meeting or you can prepare a plan ahead and be prepared to bring up the issue in the meeting.


This will lead to an PDP that is more focused on your goals rather than the issues your boss wants to solve. Read this tips to self improvement and you'll be able to develop yourself.


Here are a few tips to self improvement

Concentrate on what you excel at. Instead of trying to work on your weaknesses, concentrate on your strengths.


Consider whether you're capable of improving your weaknesses. Objectively consider the length of time you've tried to improve in each area of weakness and whether you've made it any better. Sometimes it is better to learn to live with it and work out how to manage it than fix it. Do you have someone to swap work with or a system could help you?



Be particular


This is the most crucial self improvement tips. We all know that goals should be SMART. However, the "S" for "Specific" in terms of development must be very specific. The reason most development plans aren't successful is that they're too generalised. For example, instead of saying you need to "develop your communication abilities" concentrate on the real challenge such as, perhaps you need to improve your grammar or to work on the way you speak.


Do not make your plan the entire course based


Courses in training are extremely helpful to gain information quickly since they enable you to get the brain of an expert. If you are already proficient in a certain area it is likely that the course won't give you any additional knowledge. It's worth considering whether it's worth the time and effort of your boss to take those extras.


Think about how you like to discover


Create your plan of development around your favorite ways to learn. Are you someone who enjoys talking to people? Set up a meeting to get advice from someone you admire. Are you a fan of reading or internet research? Take a listen to an iTunes university lecture. Do you enjoy being plunged into the depths and solve a problem? What can you do to transform the knowledge you gain into the development actions within your plan?


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